It’s possible to get acupuncture again, here’s what to consider

As the country moves toward reopening, reintegrating acupuncture treatments into your life has become an option again.

Just as businesses and community members are weighing their own personal choices amidst changing state guidelines, it is a personal choice whether or not you feel safe to visit an acupuncturist. As you weigh this choice, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, I will follow the current guidelines in our state. If you have questions or concerns, you can always reach out to me.

From there, it is up to each practitioner to decide in what manner to reopen. If you’re interested in receiving treatment again, please reach out to me to see what policies I’m adopting as I integrate the ongoing nature of the coronavirus pandemic into my business.

In terms of keeping safe, we will be in a one-on-one interaction so gathering in a place with lots of people is not really a concern. That said, in terms of social distancing, we will obviously not be able to maintain a six-foot distance from each other. However, we can agree to both wear face masks during your appointment. Studies have shown that both parties wearing a face mask is beneficial in preventing the spread of the disease, even when neither party is sick, because transmission can occur before you show any symptoms.

The ambient air is another concern. Between patients, my air filter will be on the highest setting so that the air can circulate through a HEPA filter that has a UV light.

As for the acupuncture needles themselves, these do not present a danger to you, because they are sterile and for single use. I open the needles from a sterile package just before using them on each patient, and dispose of them immediately after they’re removed. I disinfect the pillow and my acupuncture table between each patient, as well as sanitize the high touch surfaces in my office.

To understand the specific steps I’m taking, please feel free to call my office.

For yourself, it is your responsibility to decide whether it is safe for you to schedule an appointment. While acupuncture can be great for mediating symptoms of colds and allergies, because of the uncertainty of the symptoms patients with coronavirus may experience, it may be best to practice extra caution during this time, and only schedule an appointment for long-term health conditions that do not cause you to experience any symptoms comparable with those described by coronavirus patients.

If you are feeling sick, staying home will help protect your community and the healthcare workers in your area.

Remember that Chinese medicine is not just acupuncture. Extensive healing can come from lifestyle changes and the use of Chinese botanical medicines. Especially for new patients, botanical medicines can actually be the best way to start treatment, moving your body toward improved balance and alignment before supplementing your treatment with acupuncture.

In this case, please reach out to me to talk about options for virtual appointments, over the phone or computer. While I won’t be able to do everything I could in a regular appointment, like checking your pulse, I can still do a lot. And, picking up botanical medicines from me involves less contact and time than a full appointment.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are a great resource for anxiety and stress reduction, and given the stressful nature of these times, it can be a great option, so don’t shy away from reaching out to me to ask what is possible today.

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