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road to recovery

I injured my shoulder through my use of weight-equipments in the gym. The injury did not go away by itself over the next few months.

In particular, my right shoulder was always sore/painful when I lift my arm above the horizontal level. The low-level nagging chronic pain can take quite a bit of a toll over time and also prevents me from using the gym, which I typically do a couple of times a day. Although not deliberating, this injury significantly affects my quality of life.

I did some PT massage work on this shoulder which was helping quite a bit, but the pain never quite went away so I decide to get in touch with Tim to seek further help. His acupuncture work was definitely useful and was able to help me to proceed further on my road to recovery, which was on a plateau prior to seeing him.

Tim was very professional, knowledgeable and tentative to my injury. I am grateful for his help.

My shoulder at this point is in good condition and I am very happy with his work. I would highly recommend him.

K.S., age 36


pain . . . significantly subsided

Last Spring, I experienced intense muscle spasms in my neck and back due to a sports injury. The pain was excruciating and the immobility was debilitating. I would wake up at night withering in pain unable to even sit up. I received a prescription that would temporarily hold off the pain but it would inevitably return at night while I was sleeping since I hadn’t taken the prescription for a few hours. I dreaded falling asleep at night and I decided to try acupuncture for some relief.

I remember, I had to take a Lyft to Tim’s office because I couldn’t drive due to the intense pain and unpredictable nature of the spasms. I could barely move my head and my neck. My back couldn’t support my weight. Tim was very methodical and thorough in the initial tests he gave me. I was impressed by how many accurate assertions he was able to make about me from their results.

The acupuncture session was very relaxing and pleasant. I looked up at the ceiling and and I remember having a slightly heightened sense of the air and colors around me. At the end of the session, I was shocked to be able to sit up by myself and the pain that I had entered with just an hour or so before had significantly subsided. I did not have any more muscle spasms after that and the stiffness in my neck completely went away by the next morning. I have been back for follow up acupuncture sessions and I have continued to be impressed by their effectiveness.

C.H., age 31


I walk out feeling better than when I walked in . . .

Tim is an incredible healer! He always goes above and beyond each treatment to assure I walk out feeling better than when I walked in the door. I strongly recommend Tim to anyone looking for acupuncture and in my case, to get out of pain.

J.B, age 35


. . . he can help without a doubt!

I came to see Tim because of back/neck pain caused by a car accident. I could not stand or even sit down for more than 10 minutes without feeling pain – but after a few sessions with Tim I was already seeing improvements and now I experience relatively no pain! I really appreciated how Tim took his time to get to know me, identifying other issues that I never even mentioned. Highly recommend anyone experiencing pain to see Tim, he can help without a doubt!

A.D., age 25


. . . woke up painless

I was struggling with back pain for the longest time. Some nights it would become unbearable and I had to ask my boyfriend to massage it to get some relief. I had never tried acupuncture before but when I met Tim he told me he offered a free consultation and I decided to give it a chance. I am not going to lie, during the first appointment I was laying there and thinking: what have I done? This is not going to work, I don’t feel anything. But I went back for the second session. Well, 2 days after the second session, I woke up painless. I was sure that by the end of the day I would feel pain….but I didn’t. I had the third session as planned and have been pain free for about 3 months now. Tim really saved me because he also recommended going back to exercising, which I did and feel so great about it. I also referred him other people that had the same success. Thank you Tim for what you did for me! I will recommend you to anyone that I know suffering from pain!

L.R., age 31

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